What we offer to all our customers


Land and road trasportation

Customizable solutions

The customizable solutions for road transport allow fast delivery over long distances, or with different stop points decided with the customer.

Speaking of transport for third parties, the goods are always transported in the most appropriate manner, depending on the type.

The road transport offers professional and innovative services that will allow your goods, even in ADR, to be delivered quickly and safely throughout Europe. Europe transport is guaranteed thanks to the latest generation vehicles, qualified staff and a tested and widespread network; Paparella Group’s road transport is among the best in Europe.

What we offer:

ONE DAY: it’s the right solution when time is crucial.

Deliver in one day your goods in Italy and in most of Europe. With punctuality and reliability. Important deadlines and urgent deliveries are no longer a problem.

GROUP ME: is ideal for medium-small shipping volumes, when there isn’t the need of dedicated vehicles.

Your goods are sent to our sorting centers that distribute them to the recipients. The results? We cut down costs and offer to customers the best service at the most favourable prices, with the same quality as always.

EXCLUSIVE: it is the flexible and intelligent solution for large shipping volumes, with one or more vehicles at your disposal. The vehicles load from your warehouse and transport the goods directly to their destination.

EXTRA: transport out of shape, even in Europe. With rental of 5 to 500 ton telescopic crane trucks, aerial platforms, forklifts and trucks with cranes. Transport, handling and positioning of lifting machinery and equipment. Installation and maintenance of wind turbines, beams, silos, prefabricated panels. And much more!

TRANSPORTATION ADR dangerous goods CLASS 1 and 7: We are in possession of all the legal authorizations required for the a. d. r. of dangerous explosive goods and a. d. r. transport of dangerous radioactive goods. It completes the range of services offered to public and private companies, making us a logistics operator and a reliable partner at 360 degrees.

WASTE TRANSPORT: The company has all the necessary authorizations to transport hazardous and non-hazardous waste for classes 1-4-5-8 / F

All our authorizations and certifications can be found here


Internationa sea shipping and trasportation

Sea transport

In partnership with the most qualified operators in the world, Paparella Group covers the entire surface of the planet with its services thanks to maritime transport services.

Thanks to collaborations with qualified partners, Paparella Logistics offers the possibility of transport by sea, reaching with different routes all over the globe. The international sea transport service can move large loads over long distances, quickly and economically.

What we offer

The services offered to our customers are countless, we know the meticulous needs of each of them, and every day we create new solutions that make the transport of goods at sea of ​​our customers more efficient.

Among our services it’s important to mention:

  • Special-equipement (FCL) and groupage (LCL)
  • International shipping and NVOCC
  • Conventional loads (Break-Bulk Cargo), mafis, ro-ro goods, overweight and oversize goods
  • Own customs warehouses, with which it assures the direct customs clearance of each export or import load.
  • With the collaboration of your insurance broker, any type of insurance coverage worldwide
  • Sea consolidation
  • Door to door delivery
  • Collection, storage, handling
  • Customs and port clearance
  • On-line tracking and tracing
  • Advice for particular loads
  • Dangerous goods shipments
  • Assembly, Pack and packaging


International air transportation

Air freight is recommended for customers who need to make international transport of their goods or products between different continents during the day.

Paparella Logistica offers the guarantee of delivery in the times and expected ways. In partnership with the world’s largest carriers, air transport is certainly one of the most favourable services to be quick in the realization of own business.

The shipment by air is included among the services of Paparella & C. to satisfy all your needs through a single interlocutor.

Paparella implements operative partnerships with the most qualified players all over the world, with flexible and interactive processes, constant monitoring and the most advanced technologies – to guarantee loads and deliveries in complete safety, speed and reliability.


The intermodal transport allows the delivery of its goods with international transport by changing the type of transport during the journey. Thanks to the intermodal transport it is possible to reach every part of the world in extreme safety, guaranteeing delivery until reaching its customer, wherever it is. Intermodal transport is possible thanks to the wide choice of transport offered by Paparella Logistic, which allows the customer to obtain a transport made based on his needs, in international transport mode.

From sea transport to air transport, from road transport to home delivery, intermodal transport allows you to be sure that good arrives at his function thanks to the help of the various means available to Paparella Trasports.


Logistic and Management

The company logistics has been developed to meet all the needs of customers, thanks to the maximum flexibility and availability of engine, articulated lorries, road trains, vehicles with hydraulic lift, vehicles with cranes, exceptional vehicles, which allow logistics operations to be carried out effective. This availability makes Paparella Logistica an exclusive leader in the transport and international sectors.

Some of the biggest global brands in the most advanced sectors such as aviation and mechanics, electronics, automotive and much more entrust their national transport to us.

Paparella Logistica is the ideal partner for customized and innovative solutions, technologically optimized, to help your company win the competition on the domestic and global market.

The Paparella logistics service offers its customers services from packaging to final delivery.

What we offer

Paparella Logistics offers:

  • Distribution
  • Storage and warehousing of goods, also in ADR, on platforms in Italy and abroad
  • Custom warehouses
  • Urgent “door to door” deliveries by specific means
  • Shuttle services between establishments
  • CKD-in-hand key system (Completely Known Down)
  • Inbound and outbound goods flows
  • Support for production and handling
  • Administrative and IT assistance

Offered services aim at optimizing resources and maximizing mutual satisfaction.