Sectors in which we are experts


Transportation of loads in the energy sector

Paparella Logistics overcomes extensive experience in the supply chain management of the main industrial operators in the energy sector, supporting the logistics activities of systems of plants for extraction activities, toxic waste disposal operations, power plant manufacturers and components production companies and systems.

The Group, with its services, operates at a global level, both on customer sites and on its own platforms, among which the Logistic Center of Turin stands out. It is a worldwide center of excellence for the storage of special systems, a center specifically dedicated to out-of-form packaging and is equipped with structures with the capacity to lift exceptional loads.

Paparella Logistics also operates internationally, in a plan of continuous growth that has recently led to the offer of new services.

The experience of the Group in the planning of the transport of exceptional loads allows the handling of out-of-shape goods, while managing all the documentation required for international shipments.


Transportation of parts and logistics in the automotive sector

The Automotive Sector represents one of the main areas of experience of Paparella Logistics, which provides excellent logistics services both in Italy and in the main international markets. The services offered in the logistics field cover a very wide range, ranging from the management of In-Bound flows to all the Warehousing and Factory Logistic activities, up to the management of the Car Compound, in particular:

Ckd and part management

The management of CKD flows is one of the Group’s main areas of operations in the Automotive sector, and also leverages the Group’s strong international presence and the ability to manage the inter-mode of transport.

It includes all the services connected to the international flows of the CKD and components: collection from suppliers, receipt, storage, picking, packaging, preparation for shipping and delivery to destination. The whole process is managed by the Group’s information system, integrated with the suppliers and customer systems. The activities are carried out both on platforms owned by the Group and on customer sites.

Factory logistics

Paparella Logistics operates in the very heart of the customer’s production activity, providing highly integrated factory logistics services that include: material collection from the supplier, warehouse management, preparation of the JIT and JIS line assemblies, pre-assembly and feeding lines with Kanban techniques. Another distinctive element is the application of the principles of World Class Manufacturing, aimed at optimizing flows, the use of innovative means for the transport of components online, the optimization of operations and the implementation of actions. of continuous improvement.

Car compound

The management includes taking charge of the cars with related visual controls, maintaining the stock with systematic checks and maintenance, preparation of shipments on car transporter and train, computerized management of stocks and shipments with RFID systems.


Transportation of parts and logistics in the industrial sector

Paparella Logistics manages the Supply Chain of important Italian and foreign Industrial Groups in the sectors of the civil industry in outsourcing, operating directly in the Customer’s plants or in the Logistic Platforms owned.

The Group is particularly specialized in the design of tailor-made packaging for oversized goods: within this service, the engineering division carries out feasibility studies accompanied by structural calculations with analysis of lifting points and fasteners.

In this sector, Paparella Logistics stands out in particular for its know-how and consolidated experience in industrial packaging, an activity that is at the origin of the Group’s birth.

The current offer includes a very wide range of industrial packaging in wood, metal, cardboard and shrink-wrapping, with activities both of design and of realization and management of related logistics activities.

The exceptional transport service represents an important complement to this activity and allows us to offer customers a complete packaging, preparation and transport of heavy and out of logistical components.

Paparella Logistics, thanks to the flexibility of Logistics services, can offer its customers also value-added activities.


Military and Defence freight

The experience of Paparella Logistics in Industrial Logistics has also been successfully applied in the Aerospace & Defense sector, which is one of the most distinctive areas for its specific needs and regulations. The Group has acquired all the specific certifications for the transport of hazardous and expulsive materials

Paparella Logistics has all the necessary requirements to operate directly in the warehouses of the Military Bases with qualified personnel and equipped with the necessary security authorizations. At the same time, the owned sites are equipped with facilities for the maintenance of vehicles, structured in such a way as to provide a complete service able to satisfy a wide range of needs.

Paparella Logistics carries out both deliveries and withdrawals directly from national and international suppliers, collaborating with the main aeronautical and military industries.