Paparella & C. S.r.l. on the basis of a constant company policy aimed at respecting the environment, improving the services provided to an increasingly demanding Client, a competitive presence on the Italian and international market, has adapted its Company Management System to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard: 2008, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004, to the OHSAS18001: 2007 standard and ISO 28000: 2007.

With the implementation of the Integrated Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, UNIEN ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007 and ISO 28000: 2007 standards, objectives such as Customer / Customer satisfaction, quality of service , respect for the environment, compliance with the mandatory legal provisions on safety and health at work, compliance with safety requirements linked to the supply chain and all the other legal requirements undersigned by the company, are extended, including the satisfaction of other interested parties and company performance.

In particular, the general objectives to be pursued are:

– In compliance with all the requirements of the standards / standards adopted

– In compliance with national laws and other applicable laws, as well as with the requirements stipulated respecting international regulations and their interpretation

– To pursue continuous improvement with periodic review of the same policy to support a work environment that encourages mutual respect among employees

– To guarantee work relationships that are free of threatening and / or harassing behaviour that may interfere inappropriately with the employee’s professional and human growth – to assure the Client / Customer, in addition to the contractual quality required, also the creation of implicit needs not expressly requested, making every effort to exceed their expectations

– To activate the process of continuous improvement and prevention of pollution

– To guarantee that work is carried out by ensuring the competence and reliability of the products and services created by the Company, respecting the requirements expressed by the contractual documents and by national and international laws and codes

– To operate in a way that does not give rise to actions that can alter the balance achieved

– To fight against the fierce competition in the sector that has been intervening for years in the market

– To identify organizational and logistical solutions useful for consolidating the current market by also implementing investments

– To chase a rational internal organizational structure, tending towards an adequate optimization of costs, ecological consumption and reduction of the risk of illness, accidents with or without an accident at the workplace that allows a consequent greater competitiveness of the company

– To update the risk assessment with annual validity, but provide updates at any time based on real business needs or to identify new countermeasures to reduce security threats.

– Routinely check their business partners through planned and non-scheduled audits

– To update your application declaration based on real business needs or to identify new business partners

– To provide for the declaration of safety of each contract with its business partners

– To provide constant and timely training for all the actors involved in supply chain safety management

– To contrast security threats to the supplychain and risks to the company

– To involve all the commercial partners in the application of the supplychain security management system, through meetings, seminars and information brochures, to aim at the continuous improvement of their activities in compliance with the requirements of the reference standard.

– To increase the professionalism of the company, presenting itself on the market with the best corporate image

– systematically monitor customer needs and satisfaction, activating a process of continuous improvement.

Paparella & C. s.r.l. contextualizing this document to the political, economic, social, institutional and employment situation in which it operates, recognizes the importance of the social dimension of the company and the responsibilities that follow and pursues the full realization of the requisites required by the standards / standards implemented.

This means the certain recognition of the decisive importance of a correct, transparent and safe management of its “human heritage” and the sensitization of the Management, of the interested parties, of the employees and of the external collaborators, each according to their own attributions and skills, to respect the principles that inspire the Company and this through:

– the promotion and improvement of health and safety conditions and physical and mental well-being of its collaborators with both preventive and corrective actions

– commitment to involving all the interested parties and to consulting the workers also through their representatives for security

– periodic monitoring and continuous improvement of the general conditions for the management and enhancement of corporate assets

– promotion and improvement of supplychain security with both preventive and corrective actions.

Specific and verifiable objectives in the medium term, interesting all the activities of the company and involving the various responsible functions are from time to time defined and verified in the implementation on the occasion of the Reforms of the Integrated System:

– waste reduction

– optimize the organizational capacity of the service

– guarantee the availability of documentation of interest to all staff

– improve external communication and stakeholder involvement through targeted and personalized actions

– improve communication and sharing of the choices implemented in the face of the current economic situation

– reduce the risk on safety and health for employees and stakeholders, depending on the activity carried out

– reduce the threat and risk on the safety of the supplychain

– raise awareness and increase the level of awareness to pursue an effective prevention action

The Management of Paparella & C. s.r.l. is committed to supporting and disseminating this company policy at every level. In particular, it undertakes to:

– improve the distribution of tasks and responsibilities in your organization

– formulate objectives for continuous improvement of environmental performance, protection of workers’ health and safety, security in the supply chain and document them and make them available to interested parties upon request

– promote and spread the concept of continuous improvement and safety at all levels

– develop, train and sensitize personnel and sub-carriers

– contributing to the ecological balance of the environmental system and the reduction of “ecological consumption”

– strive for the highest level of hygiene, safety and health in the workplace

– strive for the highest level of security in the supply chain

– make this policy available to the public.

In addition, the Integrated Guarantee Manager is appointed, with management, coordination and control functions of the Integrated System.

The modalities with which operationally to be activated for the pursuit of such objectives, are reported in the present Integrated Warranty Manual and in the system procedures it refers to.

The function of the Integrated Guarantee Manager is confirmed with the task of preparing and updating the Integrated Management System, to verify the effectiveness of the representatives in the field of SSL and collaborators.

In carrying out this activity, the Integrated Guarantee Manager will be able to rely on the personnel of the company that they consider suitable and who will coordinate directly.

We therefore invite all employees, of all levels, to cooperate with the implementation and updating of the System and to comply with the provisions contained in this Manual, as well as with the relevant Procedures.

It is the responsibility of the corporate management to review and improve the content of this policy and to verify its correct and timely application in consideration of the protection of the health and safety of workers, the protection of the environment and security of the supply chain.

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